Weird Ingredients Guaranteed to Increase Sperm Count

hot girl wants more cumSperm represents a reproductive cell that comes from males. Fertility is becoming a common problem for the population, and they are searching all types of advice and help. Now there are those who offer sound advice and are normal. However, there are those ludacris ideas that were more popular in older times and have stuck with us even today. Male fertility is a very sensitive theme because men are directly connected with reproduction and leaving descendants. This sensitivity made some of the craziest solutions on how to increase sperm count. Let’s cover several ingredients that “guaranteed” to increase sperm count.

Water is not some particular ingredient, but this must be mentioned first because of I so weird. Dipping your testicles in cold water or ice water, you may hear this on the show “How I Met Your Mother,” but there are scientific studies to support it, REALLY. As scary as it sounds sperm is sensitive to heat, so not using hot water on your testicles can be beneficial. The research started in the 1960s, and several groups were used to check the influence of cold water. Results came pretty surprisingly all of the groups had an increase in sperm production. Some of them had a small amount while others were significant. The studies went so far to prove that infertile men who started using cold water treatments had positive results.

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Let’s go to the hot ingredient, some old forgotten practices in North and South America involved rubbing your genital with hot paste. That sounds really inconvenient and painful. The main idea for this came from the hot stuff characteristics. When we eat or drink something hot, we experience increased body temperature, sweat, increased heart rate, and energy. Because of this people thought when applying hot paste usually made from herbs, chili peppers and some other substances help with curing or boosting a longer squirt as if you were a pornstar.

You think these two are weird, but what about drinking bull sperm. Yes, you read it right, bulls are known and used for their reproductive capabilities. Just look at the size their testicles, they are huge. Extracting it may be one of the most dangerous things to do, but it was for a higher cause. Men who had problems did everything to solve this problem. Some of the recipes were to mix it with water, eggs or just drink it like that pure and clean. We are not going to go over the taste and its “miraculous” healing properties.

The three above are strange. Let’s see your opinion on the last one. Male fertility is connected with the reproductive organs, and eating male animal genitals is one of those weird solutions. Healers and folk stories recommend taking the genitals and cooking them before you consume them, just before you go into your bedroom. Large and robust animals were preferred as they have bigger ones. So the more significant the things, the more effective they are, and not just cooked they were consumed even raw just minutes after they were removed from the animal.

These are few of the most outrages ingredients and ways on how to treat men infertility. This is a serious problem and going to search a professional help is always better than trying some of the above-described methods.

3 Surefire Ways to Finger a Girl to Orgasm!

Hot woman squirting orgasmMind over Clitoris?

Here’s a fun fact: Mind over matter people! What does this have to do with the clitoris? Well, everything! Listen up; this is what you want to focus on when you want your woman soft, pliable and ready to explode from an orgasm by simply using your fingers.

Get Her Out of Her Head

As her guy, aka The Adonis Alpha, you want to make sure that she is physically and conscious there with during your make-out sessions. Go slow, don’t rush it. Take the time to allow her to enjoy the process and while this may be difficult for you, you need to understand that women are different; her pleasure it tied to her emotions and therefore take the time to get her out of her headspace and into the make-out session with you. You can do this by teasing her, gently massaging and lightly brushing your finger tips on different areas of her body. Listen to the sounds she makes, her moans will let you know where her turn-on zones are and that she is now ready to move on to the next stage of this sexual adventure.

Finding Treasure

This illusive bounty, the clitoris, it may seem hard to find, so here is a quick guide on how to locate it and work it to your advantage. Slide your hand over her tummy, over her belly button and pelvic bone and stop when you feel something wet. Then, you want to pull your hand back until you get to the first dry spot and feel for a slight bump, a small nub like button; that is the clitoris. This is the area that you want to focus on, so rub gently with either the tips of your fingers or the palm of your hand. Again, don’t rush it and make this gently in order to get her mind ready. Lightly touch her in a circular motion; the clitoris is highly sensitive and thus hard aggressive stokes will cause discomfort rather than pleasure.

Technique Away to Lift Off

So now your girl is all hot and bothered, moaning and panting with you gently rubbing her clitoris which you should note is probably slightly enraged at this point. So gradually increase your speed but don’t lose your rhythm. Gently squish her clitoris and pelvic bone for a few seconds with the palm of your hand at her clitoris and your fingers clamping down on her pelvic bone. Rotate between this and the previous rubbing of her clitoris. As she clambers for more, put your middle finger inside her – she is now wet and soft – and thrust in and out of her like you would with your penis. If she responds to this and cries out for more, increase the speed and find a thrusting rhythm that works for her. While you do this, find her g – spot which is about 3 inches deep and is upwards towards her wall. It is slightly rough to touch so do this with your palm facing up and your middle and index finger making “come here” motions within her. Repeatedly shift from thrusting your finger to “come here” motions and this will have her exploding in orgasms.

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How to Blow Your Load Across the Room!

The steamy moment of ejaculation is the climax that every man awaits when they get horny. Have you ever asked yourself if that moment could be different from how you’ve usually experienced it? Do you know that you could flow your load across the room irrespective of how much you cum? We will tell give you the best tips to make your climax more interesting!

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The amount of sperm that you can ejaculate will differ from other men. However, you might not know that there are tricks to increase the count. It is true that your girl needs to get you really excited to help you in the process. Men who tend to have premature ejaculation needs to be steamed up quite well to sustain a strong and long ejaculation. You need to get horny, and you will need your partner’s support. Check out the following steps to make you flow all over!

1. Keeping it in
The best way to go about it is to have a great foreplay. An oral sex marathon can be the ideal thing that your body needs along with manual stimulation. You need your girl to stop you right before you are about to have an orgasm, so that there is a lot of sperm in the testes. The process answers how to blow your load across the room in the easiest way, and you are in a different high!

2. Blowing it right
It is essential to know how to blow the penis in the right way to make sure you get hornier with every moment. Couples must get communicative about how they want to have oral sex as it makes oral sex so much better. The right blow strokes can make a man squeak, and that’s what you need to get to your goal.

3. Repeating the process
You both need to repeat the exercises and pause every time you are about to flow. Repeating will make your testicles tight and it will scream to have an orgasm. Take your penis in your hand to understand if it is enough to give you the desired amount of ejaculation. It allows you to know if you are strong enough to spill your load across the room. Men need to choose their moment of ejaculation and if you need another session, you both should agree to it.

4. Taking control
Once you are sure of all the blow you have just received, take the gun in your hand and stroke it for a little while. Make sure you don’t hurt it and allow your girl to move her tongue around. Once you are sure that your time has come, you got to shoot. You might not have a higher amount of liquid coming out, but the force will be much more than you’ve ever had.

Now that you have your answer to how to blow your load across the room, you simply have to decide where and how you want your load to flow. You might also want your girl to take it in as that feeling is going to be like never before.

Why Should Girls Have All the Fun?

It is a long sustained myth that men are very sensitive and can only enjoy one shot at a time! Men, like women are capable of coming twice in a row, if not multiple times. Sex usually involves the divine pleasure of orgasm and what could be better if that can be achieved more than once, at a time. I mean, the more the better, right?

Coming is nothing but ejaculating or releasing the semen after having experienced an orgasm. Thus, we say that ejaculation and orgasm are biologically two separate functions or processes of our body. Men have the capability of controlling their orgasm just as they are about to ejaculate. This can be achieved by several methods including heavy and deep breathing or giving up the tightness of the muscles of the pelvis, which seems like they are actually having an orgasm. By this, the fact that they can ejaculate a small amount during the course is aggravated. Once they become certain that the course remained incomplete, it gives them the zeal to continue with all the stamina and desire to push the hardest they can, leading to a wonderful experience. It is certainly impossible to achieve so, in case the man is facing performance anxiety. Let your partner ease you up with whispers and tongues and lips.

4 Penis Enlargement Exercises You Need to Try Today!

While sex is all about physicality, to drive your partner crazy with your skills and blow her mind of is quite a big deal. One needs to be physically very healthy to be able to control mind and muscles at the same time, in bed. Eating healthy is a plus point always. Besides that, kegel style exercises are highly recommended. This type of exercises helps one to hold the ejaculation while enjoying a full fledged orgasm. This will take a lot of time and practice, but honestly if one is capable of mastering the art, girls might actually go gaga over those lucky men!

Statistical survey confirms that young males are capable of repetitive climaxes. Each man has got a different refractory period. What is suggestive is that, one can simply reach his climax, then spend some time in chatting and foreplay to get a hard on for another round. Communication between the partners is very important. Guys are
bound to fall for the hotness of their women if done properly.

Discover How to Perform Oral Sex Like a Pro!

Now, we are acquainted with the term, “Dry Orgasms”. These mostly occur in the middle aged men. It occurs mainly because of a phenomenon called “retrograde ejaculation”. To simplify this we can say that when semen is redirected into the urinary bladder, the condition is thus called. There shouldn’t be absolutely any sweat about it. There are a lot of other reasons for dry orgasm as well including pressure, blocked sperm duct, spinal cord injury or simply because of lack of seminal fluid. But dry orgasms are not something to be worried about. On the contrary, dry orgasms intensify the sensations on a much greater level. The practice of dry orgasms is beneficial as it is useful in achieving multiple climaxes. By the help of trial and error method, if one is capable of timing it right, can achieve an orgasm to it’s fullest. And then on… and on.. and on.. and on, you go.

Best Way to Suck a Girl’s Clit

How to Go Down on Her ProperlyIntroduction

Arousal is essential in sex. Arousal comes from anticipation and anticipation is handled best if we’re in for something new. So, it’s a good idea to concentrate on her body in ways that are different every time, to establish an encounter that is different. Once in a while, start the arousal process by gently kissing the soles of her feet. Other times start with the belly button or the breasts. But, because we’re discussing oral delights, our journey leads us to the lovely sight of the exceptional treasure she conceals between her legs. We will be looking at the best way to suck a girl’s clit.

The Best Way to Begin

You’re going to need to get her legs apart, if she’s self-conscious, however, you will not have the ability to do this by forcefully but gently at the same time. To accomplish this, you must push the right buttons and the legs will open by themselves. The aim of the cunnilingus is that she needs to be touched so badly that her labia opens on its own and the clitoris comes out ready to be stimulated. Caress the inner side of her thighs, play with her pubic hair (if it is there), lick the labia majora, use your warm breath to get to work on the clitoris area and continue by fondling everything else. Always moisten the tip of your tongue before touching anything. You can use some of special ointments or oils to ensure that your fingers are moist as well. In the absence of oils and ointments, use some of your own saliva. Then it’s time for the next measure if her juices started flowing.

Deep Moaning

Our aim would be to get her to moan while the tongue stimulates the entire surface of the clitoris. Tickle the head of the clitoris, which ought to be observable by now from underneath its protective enclosure. Now she’s going to be anticipating a huge meaty lick of her joy button, but you softly place two fingers inside her vagina (only if she’s used to such matters and if you’d found out before with your tongue that she’s prepared). Now, immediately remove and leave just the points of the fingers inside the vagina. At precisely the same time, you’re stretching maneuver to the clitoris, the skin and the critical moment is here. The fingers are waiting underneath the vagina that is open, there’s barely any space between the clitoris and the tongue, the tight skin makes her nervous. Wait a minute, wait until she recognizes that something huge is about to occur and then slowly embrace her clitoris with your lips and create a miniature vacuum. Create a moment of silence and then calmly lick the clitoris. Do this strongly, but softly, fully and with the whole surface of your tongue. A deep groan of relief will reward your work.

Complete the Operation

Now we are in the final moments. You’ve got to keep raising the intensity of the sensation. Be mild and slow with your fingers yet firm and rhythmic. Continue the direct stimulation of the clitoris, lightly circling it around with your tongue. Keep doing so until she climaxes. I guarantee that this will be the biggest climax she ever has and will love you more for it. Don’t let her down.

5 Ways to Turn Your Girl On

tease-her-465577_640Alright, you’ve been together with your girlfriend for quite some time now and you want to find ways to turn her on. There are some techniques that are VERY useful in getting her horny that their effectiveness will surprise you too. Here are 4 of these techniques to make getting her lustful a lot easier.

Kiss Her Without Touching Her

It might be natural for men to touch the back or sides of their woman when they’re kissing and this might work a little, but only touching her face during your kissing will get her on fire!

Trust me when I say that it will be painful and hard to do. You will want to touch her so much that you think you’ll explode and the thing is, you’re not alone; she will want that too! By not giving her what she wants, you will accomplish your goal.

Tease Her

This point exploits the fact I mentioned above. Not giving her what she wants makes her horny and one way of achieving that is the following. When you both wake up, try having morning sex and proceed to lick her sensitive part. Take about 2-3 minutes, stop and tell her you’re gonna finish what you started in the night.

If you are able to do this, then congratulations from the men’s community. You have turned your girl on in a way that other men only dream of doing! She won’t be able to stop thinking about you all day long!

Talk Dirty

This mostly depends on whether the girl likes being talked dirty at, and if she does she certainly likes this a lot! Start talking nasty WAY before you finally lay down on the bed together to make her think about what’s gonna be like having sex with you.

However, if your girlfriend is more of a romantic-style person, don’t even think about talking nasty with her! You will definitely earn yourself a fight.

Massage Her

Massaging is always a good way of turning on a girl, even if it sounds a bit ridiculous. I’m not talking about a touch-her-butt-and-everything-else-you-feel-like-massage, but a more delicate and slightly evil massage.

Start the massage normally as you would on any other person and very slowly start building some tension by touching close to the buttocks and her inner thighs. Actually, the trick is to not touch the butt, breasts and vagina while you’re massaging – these can wait until she’s horny enough.

Learn How to Kiss Better

Nobody is perfect in anything and that includes kissing. You’re not a perfect kisser and you probably could kiss a lot better, so why not do just that? Learning where to kiss and different techniques will help you a lot in making your girlfriend want to have sex with you.

One really hot kiss you can try out is the neck kiss. Close your lips in an area on the side of her neck and suck – maybe bite a little too. The intensity of the sucking is what you should take care of here. You want to avoid sucking too hard, as it will hurt her and it will leave a mark on her.

On a side note, since kissing is used a lot during sex, this will also significantly improve your performance in sex.

These were five really effective ways you can use to make your girl really horny. Now you have a better insight of what it takes to turn a girl on so try using that the next time you meet up with her!

Good luck!

4 Penis Enlargement Exercises You Need To Try Today!

big-dick-1238713_640Are you disappointed with the size of your penis? Maybe you don’t want to take pills or use any contraptions. You want a natural method. Well, these exercises could be the answer. Whilst none of these exercises will bring you results overnight, they are well worth trying to naturally increase your penis’ size. Here we’ve created a list of a few exercises that can really help to increase the size of your penis. So, without further ado, let’s get into them.

#1 – ‘Jelqing’

‘Jelqing’ is a useful exercise that involves a pulling technique. Basically, you repeatedly pull on your penis when it is flaccid. You should use your thumb and forefinger and have the aim in mind to increase the the size of your erection.

This exercise essentially aims to increase the blood capacity of your penis’ erectile tissue. This can apparently result in an overall increase in the girth and length of your penis.

#2 – ‘The Ultimate Stretcher’

If extra length is what you’re looking for you need to try ‘the ultimate stretcher’. All you have to do is grasp the head of your penis and pull and stretch it outwards. Do this with enough force that you’re not causing yourself pain and not cutting off blood flow either.

Hold this position for around ten to thirty seconds. You should feel a painless stretch within your shaft and at the base of your penis too. After the time is up rest and the repeat.

You try this daily for five to ten minutes to attempt to achieve the best results. 

#3 – ‘Kegels”

Many men believe that ‘Kegels’ are just for women. This is why they have dismissed it at every pit stop and never considered trying it. It’s a shame really, as they could be missing out.

For this exercise all you need to do is identify and locate your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. You can do this by trying to prevent urine from flowing naturally. After you find this you’ll want to contract this muscle daily. We suggest you try to do this around twenty to thirty times a day, but you can always start off slow and build up.

Once mastered, you can increase the number of clenches you do and increase the amount of sessions you partake in. This exercise increases the amount of blood flow to your penis, and eventually you’ll be able to see a noticeable boost in the length and girth of your penis.

#4 – ‘Weight Lifting’

If you do this exercise properly and in moderation, you will definitely see a noticeable increase in the length and girth of your penis. We should warn you that some experts have advised that you avoid this exercise mainly for safety reasons.

You should definitely try all the other exercises mentioned in this post before you try this one. But, if you have and you’re looking for something new, you can definitely try this out.

Ok, so what you should do is this: Attach a weight to your flaccid penis that has been specifically designed for these purposes. The ‘Bib Hanger’ or ‘LG Hanger’ are a couple we recommend. You should only ever do this when your penis is flaccid for safety reasons and never pick a weight that is too heavy.

This added weight will force your penis to stretch downwards and in effect make the length and girth of your penis increase – permanently.