Why Should Girls Have All the Fun?

It is a long sustained myth that men are very sensitive and can only enjoy one shot at a time! Men, like women are capable of coming twice in a row, if not multiple times. Sex usually involves the divine pleasure of orgasm and what could be better if that can be achieved more than once, at a time. I mean, the more the better, right?

Coming is nothing but ejaculating or releasing the semen after having experienced an orgasm. Thus, we say that ejaculation and orgasm are biologically two separate functions or processes of our body. Men have the capability of controlling their orgasm just as they are about to ejaculate. This can be achieved by several methods including heavy and deep breathing or giving up the tightness of the muscles of the pelvis, which seems like they are actually having an orgasm. By this, the fact that they can ejaculate a small amount during the course is aggravated. Once they become certain that the course remained incomplete, it gives them the zeal to continue with all the stamina and desire to push the hardest they can, leading to a wonderful experience. It is certainly impossible to achieve so, in case the man is facing performance anxiety. Let your partner ease you up with whispers and tongues and lips.

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While sex is all about physicality, to drive your partner crazy with your skills and blow her mind of is quite a big deal. One needs to be physically very healthy to be able to control mind and muscles at the same time, in bed. Eating healthy is a plus point always. Besides that, kegel style exercises are highly recommended. This type of exercises helps one to hold the ejaculation while enjoying a full fledged orgasm. This will take a lot of time and practice, but honestly if one is capable of mastering the art, girls might actually go gaga over those lucky men!

Statistical survey confirms that young males are capable of repetitive climaxes. Each man has got a different refractory period. What is suggestive is that, one can simply reach his climax, then spend some time in chatting and foreplay to get a hard on for another round. Communication between the partners is very important. Guys are
bound to fall for the hotness of their women if done properly.

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Now, we are acquainted with the term, “Dry Orgasms”. These mostly occur in the middle aged men. It occurs mainly because of a phenomenon called “retrograde ejaculation”. To simplify this we can say that when semen is redirected into the urinary bladder, the condition is thus called. There shouldn’t be absolutely any sweat about it. There are a lot of other reasons for dry orgasm as well including pressure, blocked sperm duct, spinal cord injury or simply because of lack of seminal fluid. But dry orgasms are not something to be worried about. On the contrary, dry orgasms intensify the sensations on a much greater level. The practice of dry orgasms is beneficial as it is useful in achieving multiple climaxes. By the help of trial and error method, if one is capable of timing it right, can achieve an orgasm to it’s fullest. And then on… and on.. and on.. and on, you go.