How to Blow Your Load Across the Room!

The steamy moment of ejaculation is the climax that every man awaits when they get horny. Have you ever asked yourself if that moment could be different from how you’ve usually experienced it? Do you know that you could flow your load across the room irrespective of how much you cum? We will tell give you the best tips to make your climax more interesting!

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The amount of sperm that you can ejaculate will differ from other men. However, you might not know that there are tricks to increase the count. It is true that your girl needs to get you really excited to help you in the process. Men who tend to have premature ejaculation needs to be steamed up quite well to sustain a strong and long ejaculation. You need to get horny, and you will need your partner’s support. Check out the following steps to make you flow all over!

1. Keeping it in
The best way to go about it is to have a great foreplay. An oral sex marathon can be the ideal thing that your body needs along with manual stimulation. You need your girl to stop you right before you are about to have an orgasm, so that there is a lot of sperm in the testes. The process answers how to blow your load across the room in the easiest way, and you are in a different high!

2. Blowing it right
It is essential to know how to blow the penis in the right way to make sure you get hornier with every moment. Couples must get communicative about how they want to have oral sex as it makes oral sex so much better. The right blow strokes can make a man squeak, and that’s what you need to get to your goal.

3. Repeating the process
You both need to repeat the exercises and pause every time you are about to flow. Repeating will make your testicles tight and it will scream to have an orgasm. Take your penis in your hand to understand if it is enough to give you the desired amount of ejaculation. It allows you to know if you are strong enough to spill your load across the room. Men need to choose their moment of ejaculation and if you need another session, you both should agree to it.

4. Taking control
Once you are sure of all the blow you have just received, take the gun in your hand and stroke it for a little while. Make sure you don’t hurt it and allow your girl to move her tongue around. Once you are sure that your time has come, you got to shoot. You might not have a higher amount of liquid coming out, but the force will be much more than you’ve ever had.

Now that you have your answer to how to blow your load across the room, you simply have to decide where and how you want your load to flow. You might also want your girl to take it in as that feeling is going to be like never before.