3 Surefire Ways to Finger a Girl to Orgasm!

Hot woman squirting orgasmMind over Clitoris?

Here’s a fun fact: Mind over matter people! What does this have to do with the clitoris? Well, everything! Listen up; this is what you want to focus on when you want your woman soft, pliable and ready to explode from an orgasm by simply using your fingers.

Get Her Out of Her Head

As her guy, aka The Adonis Alpha, you want to make sure that she is physically and conscious there with during your make-out sessions. Go slow, don’t rush it. Take the time to allow her to enjoy the process and while this may be difficult for you, you need to understand that women are different; her pleasure it tied to her emotions and therefore take the time to get her out of her headspace and into the make-out session with you. You can do this by teasing her, gently massaging and lightly brushing your finger tips on different areas of her body. Listen to the sounds she makes, her moans will let you know where her turn-on zones are and that she is now ready to move on to the next stage of this sexual adventure.

Finding Treasure

This illusive bounty, the clitoris, it may seem hard to find, so here is a quick guide on how to locate it and work it to your advantage. Slide your hand over her tummy, over her belly button and pelvic bone and stop when you feel something wet. Then, you want to pull your hand back until you get to the first dry spot and feel for a slight bump, a small nub like button; that is the clitoris. This is the area that you want to focus on, so rub gently with either the tips of your fingers or the palm of your hand. Again, don’t rush it and make this gently in order to get her mind ready. Lightly touch her in a circular motion; the clitoris is highly sensitive and thus hard aggressive stokes will cause discomfort rather than pleasure.

Technique Away to Lift Off

So now your girl is all hot and bothered, moaning and panting with you gently rubbing her clitoris which you should note is probably slightly enraged at this point. So gradually increase your speed but don’t lose your rhythm. Gently squish her clitoris and pelvic bone for a few seconds with the palm of your hand at her clitoris and your fingers clamping down on her pelvic bone. Rotate between this and the previous rubbing of her clitoris. As she clambers for more, put your middle finger inside her – she is now wet and soft – and thrust in and out of her like you would with your penis. If she responds to this and cries out for more, increase the speed and find a thrusting rhythm that works for her. While you do this, find her g – spot which is about 3 inches deep and is upwards towards her wall. It is slightly rough to touch so do this with your palm facing up and your middle and index finger making “come here” motions within her. Repeatedly shift from thrusting your finger to “come here” motions and this will have her exploding in orgasms.

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