5 Ways to Turn Your Girl On

tease-her-465577_640Alright, you’ve been together with your girlfriend for quite some time now and you want to find ways to turn her on. There are some techniques that are VERY useful in getting her horny that their effectiveness will surprise you too. Here are 4 of these techniques to make getting her lustful a lot easier.

Kiss Her Without Touching Her

It might be natural for men to touch the back or sides of their woman when they’re kissing and this might work a little, but only touching her face during your kissing will get her on fire!

Trust me when I say that it will be painful and hard to do. You will want to touch her so much that you think you’ll explode and the thing is, you’re not alone; she will want that too! By not giving her what she wants, you will accomplish your goal.

Tease Her

This point exploits the fact I mentioned above. Not giving her what she wants makes her horny and one way of achieving that is the following. When you both wake up, try having morning sex and proceed to lick her sensitive part. Take about 2-3 minutes, stop and tell her you’re gonna finish what you started in the night.

If you are able to do this, then congratulations from the men’s community. You have turned your girl on in a way that other men only dream of doing! She won’t be able to stop thinking about you all day long!

Talk Dirty

This mostly depends on whether the girl likes being talked dirty at, and if she does she certainly likes this a lot! Start talking nasty WAY before you finally lay down on the bed together to make her think about what’s gonna be like having sex with you.

However, if your girlfriend is more of a romantic-style person, don’t even think about talking nasty with her! You will definitely earn yourself a fight.

Massage Her

Massaging is always a good way of turning on a girl, even if it sounds a bit ridiculous. I’m not talking about a touch-her-butt-and-everything-else-you-feel-like-massage, but a more delicate and slightly evil massage.

Start the massage normally as you would on any other person and very slowly start building some tension by touching close to the buttocks and her inner thighs. Actually, the trick is to not touch the butt, breasts and vagina while you’re massaging – these can wait until she’s horny enough.

Learn How to Kiss Better

Nobody is perfect in anything and that includes kissing. You’re not a perfect kisser and you probably could kiss a lot better, so why not do just that? Learning where to kiss and different techniques will help you a lot in making your girlfriend want to have sex with you.

One really hot kiss you can try out is the neck kiss. Close your lips in an area on the side of her neck and suck – maybe bite a little too. The intensity of the sucking is what you should take care of here. You want to avoid sucking too hard, as it will hurt her and it will leave a mark on her.

On a side note, since kissing is used a lot during sex, this will also significantly improve your performance in sex.

These were five really effective ways you can use to make your girl really horny. Now you have a better insight of what it takes to turn a girl on so try using that the next time you meet up with her!

Good luck!