Best Way to Suck a Girl’s Clit

How to Go Down on Her ProperlyIntroduction

Arousal is essential in sex. Arousal comes from anticipation and anticipation is handled best if we’re in for something new. So, it’s a good idea to concentrate on her body in ways that are different every time, to establish an encounter that is different. Once in a while, start the arousal process by gently kissing the soles of her feet. Other times start with the belly button or the breasts. But, because we’re discussing oral delights, our journey leads us to the lovely sight of the exceptional treasure she conceals between her legs. We will be looking at the best way to suck a girl’s clit.

The Best Way to Begin

You’re going to need to get her legs apart, if she’s self-conscious, however, you will not have the ability to do this by forcefully but gently at the same time. To accomplish this, you must push the right buttons and the legs will open by themselves. The aim of the cunnilingus is that she needs to be touched so badly that her labia opens on its own and the clitoris comes out ready to be stimulated. Caress the inner side of her thighs, play with her pubic hair (if it is there), lick the labia majora, use your warm breath to get to work on the clitoris area and continue by fondling everything else. Always moisten the tip of your tongue before touching anything. You can use some of special ointments or oils to ensure that your fingers are moist as well. In the absence of oils and ointments, use some of your own saliva. Then it’s time for the next measure if her juices started flowing.

Deep Moaning

Our aim would be to get her to moan while the tongue stimulates the entire surface of the clitoris. Tickle the head of the clitoris, which ought to be observable by now from underneath its protective enclosure. Now she’s going to be anticipating a huge meaty lick of her joy button, but you softly place two fingers inside her vagina (only if she’s used to such matters and if you’d found out before with your tongue that she’s prepared). Now, immediately remove and leave just the points of the fingers inside the vagina. At precisely the same time, you’re stretching maneuver to the clitoris, the skin and the critical moment is here. The fingers are waiting underneath the vagina that is open, there’s barely any space between the clitoris and the tongue, the tight skin makes her nervous. Wait a minute, wait until she recognizes that something huge is about to occur and then slowly embrace her clitoris with your lips and create a miniature vacuum. Create a moment of silence and then calmly lick the clitoris. Do this strongly, but softly, fully and with the whole surface of your tongue. A deep groan of relief will reward your work.

Complete the Operation

Now we are in the final moments. You’ve got to keep raising the intensity of the sensation. Be mild and slow with your fingers yet firm and rhythmic. Continue the direct stimulation of the clitoris, lightly circling it around with your tongue. Keep doing so until she climaxes. I guarantee that this will be the biggest climax she ever has and will love you more for it. Don’t let her down.