Weird Ingredients Guaranteed to Increase Sperm Count

hot girl wants more cumSperm represents a reproductive cell that comes from males. Fertility is becoming a common problem for the population, and they are searching all types of advice and help. Now there are those who offer sound advice and are normal. However, there are those ludacris ideas that were more popular in older times and have stuck with us even today. Male fertility is a very sensitive theme because men are directly connected with reproduction and leaving descendants. This sensitivity made some of the craziest solutions on how to increase sperm count. Let’s cover several ingredients that “guaranteed” to increase sperm count.

Water is not some particular ingredient, but this must be mentioned first because of I so weird. Dipping your testicles in cold water or ice water, you may hear this on the show “How I Met Your Mother,” but there are scientific studies to support it, REALLY. As scary as it sounds sperm is sensitive to heat, so not using hot water on your testicles can be beneficial. The research started in the 1960s, and several groups were used to check the influence of cold water. Results came pretty surprisingly all of the groups had an increase in sperm production. Some of them had a small amount while others were significant. The studies went so far to prove that infertile men who started using cold water treatments had positive results.

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Let’s go to the hot ingredient, some old forgotten practices in North and South America involved rubbing your genital with hot paste. That sounds really inconvenient and painful. The main idea for this came from the hot stuff characteristics. When we eat or drink something hot, we experience increased body temperature, sweat, increased heart rate, and energy. Because of this people thought when applying hot paste usually made from herbs, chili peppers and some other substances help with curing or boosting a longer squirt as if you were a pornstar.

You think these two are weird, but what about drinking bull sperm. Yes, you read it right, bulls are known and used for their reproductive capabilities. Just look at the size their testicles, they are huge. Extracting it may be one of the most dangerous things to do, but it was for a higher cause. Men who had problems did everything to solve this problem. Some of the recipes were to mix it with water, eggs or just drink it like that pure and clean. We are not going to go over the taste and its “miraculous” healing properties.

The three above are strange. Let’s see your opinion on the last one. Male fertility is connected with the reproductive organs, and eating male animal genitals is one of those weird solutions. Healers and folk stories recommend taking the genitals and cooking them before you consume them, just before you go into your bedroom. Large and robust animals were preferred as they have bigger ones. So the more significant the things, the more effective they are, and not just cooked they were consumed even raw just minutes after they were removed from the animal.

These are few of the most outrages ingredients and ways on how to treat men infertility. This is a serious problem and going to search a professional help is always better than trying some of the above-described methods.